group "Kino", Victor Tsoy - Blood type

Kino, Victor Tsoy - Blood type (Группа крови - version on English))
russian version is much better =)

Kino, Victor Tsoy - Blood type (Группа крови - version Russian for cinema "Inla (Игла)"))

Kino, Victor Tsoy - Blood type (Группа крови - version Russian live))


Ascension in Duat (Fragment of the Mystery «the Wife of Orion»)

The Fragment of the Mystery «the Wife of Orion».
The director: V.V.PreobRAzhenskaya.
The author of the Scenario: V.V.PreobRAzhenskaya.
The composer: V.V.PreobRAzhenskaya.
The musical-dramatized Mystery is created by motives of poetic, and musical compositions and «The Sacral Book of ISIS» by Victoria PreobRAzhenskaya.

The Ascension-rise of Horus in Kingdom of Light: Star Rostau-Duat where Orion (Osiris) and Sirius (ISIS) wait that Horus becomes united with the Father (Osiris). Isis-Sotis and Star hierarchy on a way of the Horus Ascension in Heavenly Duat help Him to become «the Star, as a live soul...». Horus comprehends Eternity...


Agata Kristi - Chernaia Luna (Black Moon) - 1998

This live video on one of the great song decadence postpunk psychedelic russian rock group "Agata Kristi", album "opium", track "Chernaia Luna (Black Moon)".


Hellawes (n. o'shon) group "Мельница" - Княже

Great etno spirit Hellawes's song in new version from album "[Wild]native-grasses" ("Дикие травы").

Bob Marley - Sun is shining

Sun and roots music - Reggae super hit by Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining. Enjoy and be Happy!